AZ Motorbikes: Top Motorbike Rental in Hanoi

Motorbike rental service is becoming increasingly popular in Ha Noi bringing the most realistic experience of the capital and other regions’ beauty to foreigners. AZ Motorbikes is a famous motorbike service in Hanoi for anyone who needs to rent a motorbike to travel around.

About AZ Motorbikes

Starting a business with a passion for motorbikes, the owner, Tran Manh Kien soon found his own path for career development. Born in a family providing repairing and selling motorbike services for nearly 40 years, he has been familiar with motorbikes since he was a child.

AZ Motorbikes is now a top motorbike rental agency specializing in motorbike rental and sale for foreign travelers.

AZ Motorbike - A well-known motorbike rental company in Hanoi

AZ Motorbike – A well-known motorbike rental company in Hanoi

Why Choose AZ Motorbikes

  • The quality of motorbikes is guaranteed in good condition and whatever the case, customer safety is the top priority.
  • Huge range of motorbikes with reasonable prices for tourists.
  • A team of professional and enthusiastic staff ready to serve customers 24/7.
  • Approximately 10-year experience in repairing and trading motorbikes.

With a system of various branches in Vietnam, AZ Motorbikes gives foreigners a one-way motorbike rental service. You can rent a motorbike from this shop in Hanoi and return it in Ha Giang, Hoian, or Ho Chi Minh City.

Since its owner prioritizes customer safety, AZ Motorbikes brings fast and reliable support throughout your rental and has a full range of authentic riding equipment and gears to ensure the best quality of each motorbike.

Professional and enthusiastic AZ Motorbikes Team

Professional and enthusiastic AZ Motorbikes Team

Types of Motorbike for Rent/Sale

With various designs and good quality, there are multiple options for different needs for you:

  • Manual motorbikes for long-distance travel: Honda XR 150 – 300cc, CB 500x, Honda WinnerX, Wave Alpha 110cc, Win Detech,…
  • Common brands for riding in an urban area: Honda Lead, Vision, Air Blade, Nouvo 135cc,…

High-quality motorbikes with stylish design

High-quality motorbikes with stylish design

If you are not ready for a manual bike and scooter, a semi-manual bike can be a good alternative, because these vehicles can be used for long-distance trips. All motorbikes at AZ Motorbikes are monthly maintained and after trips to ensure they are in the best condition.

AZ Motorbike Policy

Topped off by optional motorbike lessons and more, you will certainly have an unworried trip on a motorbike. Moreover, you will be supported to fix minor errors on your bike by professional English-speaking mechanics at the modern garage of AZ Motorbike in Hanoi.

The motorbike rental fees of AZ Motorbikes include:

Helmet A mandatory item when you ride anywhere in Vietnam
Tool kit Used for fuss-free repairs on and off the road
Raincoat An important thing to bring in case a sudden rain occurs
Calling support & Assistance Your bike will be picked up for checking/fixing in the event of a mechanical fault

Have a carefree trip on a motorbike from AZ Motorbikes

Have a carefree trip on a motorbike from AZ Motorbikes

AZ Motorbikes will buy back your motorbikes after your journey up to 40 – 70% value of the bike depending on its status. They also support bike delivery within a radius of 10km.

AZ Motorbikes accepts different payment options:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfers
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express