East-West North Route

This motorbike route covers almost all the prominent points in the North that you should visit. It takes at least 14 days to explore all the locations mentioned on the map. There is no time limit for how long you can spend in the north, as there is always more to see. If you are spending just over 14 days in the north, this could be an ideal route for your reference. The route will pass through the following points: Starting point: AZ MOTORBIKES – Nghĩa Lộ – Mù Cang Chải – Điện Biên Phủ – Sapa – Xín Mần – Hoàng Su Phì – Hà Giang – Đồng Văn – Mèo Vạc – Ba Bể – Cao Bằng – Bản Giốc – Mẫu Sơn – Hạ Long – AZ MOTORBIKES

There are two best times for you to visit: Late winter to early spring (around the 12th lunar month to March) and Late autumn (September in the Gregorian calendar). This route goes through incredibly beautiful but also challenging terrains. Continuous riding over many days, coupled with the hilly and mountainous terrain, requires thorough and careful preparation before your journey.

4-5 Days: Mai Châu-Pù Luông-Ninh Bình

his route covers the unmissable destinations if you love immersing yourself in nature. Among them, you will pass through Cuc Phuong National Park, which has been voted and honored as the top national park in Asia for five consecutive years (2019-2023) by the World Travel Awards. The itinerary will go through the following destinations: AZ MOTORBIKES – Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) – Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa) – Cuc Phuong National Park – Ninh Binh – AZ MOTORBIKES.

7+ Days : The Northeastern Route

This route passes through Hà Giang and Cao Bằng, two of the well-known destinations known for their year-round beauty in the North. The destinations in the route still retain their pristine charm with mountainous areas, rice field valleys, flower valleys, and majestic waterfalls. Most people outside of Vietnam have not heard of Hồ Ba Bể, but these are some of the hidden gems you will visit along the way. This location is associated with an oral folk story in Vietnam. The route of this itinerary passes through the following points: AZ MOTORBIKES – Hà Giang – Đồng Văn – Mèo Vạc – Pác Bó – Cao Bằng – Hồ Ba Bể – AZ MOTORBIKES.

8+ Days: Motorbike Routes Through the Northern Rice Fields

This route will take you through the most stunning ripe rice fields in the North, surrounded by lush mountains and forests. Not unfamiliar with Hoàng Su Phì and Mù Cang Chải, these two destinations are the paradises of terraced fields during the harvest season that you shouldn’t miss. Additionally, Pù Luông is a relatively new tourist spot that still retains its pristine charm. The ripe rice season in Pù Luông is equally enchanting. The best time to choose this route is in the autumn (early September) when the harvest season begins, and the weather is pleasantly cool. The itinerary covers the following locations: AZ MOTORBIKES – Pù Luông (Thanh Hoá) – Mai Châu (Hoà Bình) – Mù Cang Chải (Yên Bái) – Hoàng Su Phì (Hà Giang) – Bắc Sơn (Lạng Sơn) – AZ MOTORBIKES.

10+ Days: Adventure Motorbike Route

This route is designed for those who love mountainous terrain and want to experience the thrill of off-road riding. The itinerary is quite similar to “The Northeastern Route” but is longer as it includes Sapa and two famous mountain passes (O Quy Ho Pass – Ma Pi Leng Pass) known as two of the “Four Great Northwestern Passes” because of their winding and dangerous curves, yet showcasing magnificent natural beauty. This route closely follows the northeastern border with natural wonders such as Ha Giang and Cao Bang. The itinerary is as follows: AZ MOTORBIKES – Moc Chau (Son La) – Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) – O Quy Ho Pass – Sapa – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac – Pac Po (Cao Bang) – Ban Gioc (Cao Bang) – Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan) – AZ MOTORBIKES.