Scheduling the itinerary for destinations and travel times is the crucial first step to take control of your journey. In Vietnam, there are numerous routes for you to choose from and consider. Many travelers opt for tour companies to handle this for them, but some prefer to do everything themselves. This is seen as a cost-saving experience and is quite popular among young Vietnamese: renting a motorbikes and planning the trip independently. At AZ MOTORBIKES, we offer both options: motorbike tours and self-guided motorbike rentals. What we do is suggest ideal motorbike tours or routes for you to consider.

We recommend various routes for you, including Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, exploring Northern Vietnam, and Central Vietnam. The common starting point is Hanoi. You can explore Hanoi for 1-2 days and then begin your journey (refer to Hanoi Adventure – click here). Notably, we offer one-way rentals, allowing you to return the vehicle in any province.

These routes are for reference purposes. Choosing the appropriate route depends on both time and the places you want to visit. In addition to reading the routes on the website, they can be downloaded onto Google Maps. This can be done on your phone by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the map window. Each destination has a brief note about its features. You can search for more information on Google to discover additional attractions at each location you visit. The guiding routes include:

HA GIANG LOOP (Click here)

These are all prominent routes with famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. We suggest a minimum time ranging from 4 days to 1 month depending on each route. If you have more time in Vietnam, consider extending the duration for the best experiences.

We are actively exploring more diverse routes to provide you with enhanced experiences, ranging from adventurous paths with challenges to scenic routes with beautiful landscapes. Mr. Kien, the owner of AZ MOTORBIKES, actively participates in exploratory trips, and the video below is an example: Exploring Son La with the CB 500X.

To learn more details about the places you pass through in the routes, please click on the “DESTINATION” section. We recommend exciting and culturally unique places to visit. For additional information or advice on routes, simply contact us in the “CONTACT” section.