1. Does AZ MOTORBIKES offer motorcycle rental services for customers residing and working in Hanoi?
 Yes, if the customer has a valid Visa of at least 6 months. In this case, the contract must be signed for at least 2 months, with a monthly mileage limit of 1000km and not exceeding the specified weight capacity.  For cases where the Visa is limited to 6 months and the rental period is less than 2 months, the rental price will be applied for tourists.

2. Does AZ MOTORBIKES rent out big bikes?
Considering Vietnam’s terrain and carefully evaluating the most suitable motorcycles, we limit our offerings to vehicles with a maximum displacement of 150cc. Our strength lies in the latest 2023 XR 150cc motorcycle fleet, boasting impeccable quality, and accompanied by numerous additional accessories to enhance your journey. This is regarded as the top choice for adventurous trips in Vietnam, with its versatile performance across various types of terrain.

3. Why is AZ MOTORBIKES the top choice for renting? 
* AZ MOTORBIKES has more than 300 rental motorbikes on the road at any given time.
* AZ MOTORBIKES enjoys broad recognition due to high reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, Google Maps Review, and various blogging-related websites across the internet.
* Digging deep into the local Facebook community groups, forums will reveal that there is hardly a bad word on the internet about Tigit Motorbikes.
* Accessible management, serious complaints not handled properly by Tigit staff, please go straight to “the boss” through WhatsApp at +84984916785.

4. Where is your shop?
Currently, AZ MOTORBIKES has relocated to house number 55, Alley 76/35 An Duong, Tay Ho district, and maintains a single branch in Hanoi. However, AZ MOTORBIKES is in the process of expanding its branches to Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.


1. Do your motorcycles come with any accompanying accessories?
Our motorcycles come with several accompanying accessories to support your journey. We understand that these items are essential for a smooth trip for our customers. Additionally, we also offer a highly discounted price for a 3/4 helmet with a protective visor.

2. Do you provide lessons?
We have short video clips demonstrating how to use the motorcycles. You can look them up on our website under the MOTORBIKE VIDEO section. Please make sure to carefully watch the instructional video for the specific type of motorcycle you are interested in, to ensure a quick and effective hands-on experience.

3. What is the best motorbike for traveling Vietnam?
Honda Wave Semi 110cc  Automatic is our cheapest and most popular motorbike. There is nothing this motorbike can not do.
Honda Winner 150cc is our most reliable manual motorbike.
Honda XR 150cc is our most comfortable “affordable” motorbike and probably the best “all around the vehicle” when taking into account performance and budget.

4. Is the quality of AZ MOTORBIKES’ motorcycles guaranteed?

Each of our motorcycles undergoes regular monthly maintenance. Before customers receive a motorcycle, our mechanics thoroughly inspect it to ensure the highest possible quality. Additionally, the AZ MOTORBIKES team is available to assist you 24/7. If any issues arise with the motorcycle, we will provide specific solutions prioritizing service quality.

AZ MOTORBIKES accepts the following payment methods and deposit options:

  • Cash: We accept payments in USD, EURO, SGD, AUD, and VND.
  • Bank Transfers: We have payment accounts through PayPal and Wise.
  • Credit Cards: A 3% transaction fee will be applied.

When returning the motorcycle, we will refund the deposit amount either in Cash or via Bank Transfer. Customers need to inform us about their preferred deposit refund method immediately upon completing the rental agreement for appropriate arrangements.

High-quality helmets are provided to ensure the safety of our customers during their journey. We always prioritize the safety of our customers above all else.
This accessory allows customers to have a well-guided journey. We understand that planning the route can be challenging, especially when visiting unfamiliar places for the first time. That’s why this accessory is considered mandatory for ensuring a smooth and guided trip.
The weather in Vietnam during the tourist season is fantastic, but it can also be unpredictable with sudden rain showers.
This accessory can be customized according to the customer’s request to suit their luggage weight.